Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Kind Wife I Am

You really do not know what you would do until the situation arises. I told myself, and I still believe, that I could have cared less if I ever saw my husband again. Yet, when he called me and said he needed help, I was there.

Even though I could see clearly through my parents marriage, and had little tolerance for how they behaved in it; I didn't want to marry because I never believed a man could be as true to me, as I would be to him. I have always know and felt deeply that I was a ride or die type of person period. Even more so in a marriage.

My husband desired greatly to be a better husband, father and man. He did not succeed by his own standards. I had to learn to allow him to make mistakes and use prayer, understanding, and forgivenss, but most of all kindness to help combat the effects of the spiritual warfare he was going through.

For me, it came down to me being the kind of wife I wanted to be whether he was or is the husband he claims to want to be. He knows where he went wrong.

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  1. You know, I always wondered if I could find a husband that would be as true to me as I was to him too. Maybe I hoped too high. You are absolutely right about staying the kind of wife you want to be, regardless of what type of husband you have. I've been trying to remember and act on that belief also.