Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taking It to the Limit

I know I talk about myself and my family a lot. That is where my priority has been for more than 26 years. I am the type of person who does very little half way. I truly am a take it to the limit type of gal.

I can't imagine anyone thinking of me as a risk taker, but I am. As a matter of fact, I take the risk that matter the most. I put my life on the line. As a child, I would speak the truth and be honest with my mother. That was a huge risk that got my slapped in the mouth on too many occassions. With my peers, I could be provoked into using my tongue as a whip, or to spew acid on some fool who thought they could survive a battle of the wits with me.

I am going a different way now. I only have three more years before my youngest is gone and in college. She is constantly being coached and guided to think independently, as I am ready to do me in a strong and real way. I feel a complete gratification when it comes to my life. My adult children seem to go out of their way to praise me and share with me the positive impact I have had on their lives. My youngest can't tell me she loves me enough. She proclaims how much she likes spending time with me and talking to me . This is how I know there is Heaven on earth.

I took my idea of parenting to the limit and to a great extent have been blessed because of it. I chose to be guide my children, encourage them, inspire them, tell them the truth at all cost and to never break my promises. It takes a lot of restraint to be this kind of parent. Being a giver makes it easier. A deep ability to sacrifice, to exercise my forgiveness muscle, and to be patient is what has made these last few years so sweet.

I took my marriage to the limit. I stayed until every ounce of good was drained out of it. I did exactly what I needed to do. I followed God's will and believe me I experienced some of the worse things I could ever imagine. Due to God's favor, I was able to weather the storm, make it through the valley, walk through the fire. I did not fall apart when God put me to the test. Oh yes, I cried many nights, sometimes days, but I never gave up and I went through what I believed was my destiny and as it turned out I was right.

I'm ready for the next phase of my life. I know exactly how much I can take. What is so great about now is I am in complete control of me. I have focused on, examined, analyzed and forgiven myself. It is truly my time to love someone who can accept it. I am ready to takeit to the limit one more time.

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