Friday, February 17, 2012

It's the Principle of the Thing

My husband and I are not together because he violated basic human principles one time too many. He proved to me that his anti-social behavior is sociopathetic and therefore completely unacceptable in my household.

The day before we separated for good, we were happy as for as I am concerned. Happy for us. I had spent the day with him at the hospital. We had an adventure that turned out to be serendipitous. I write more about this in my third installment in the series, Get Out of the Way! Claim God's Will for Your Marriage.

Throughout my relationship with my husband I was able to maintain who I was and to stay on course towards who I wanted to be. He, on the other hand, had never charted a course for himself, thus he was adrift. He often marveled at how I was able to remain so consistent in what I believed, and who I am. Year after year, I presented to him the woman I knew myself to be. Year after year, he hated me for it. He would never fail to make comments that revealed the mendacity he felt towards my ability to be authentic in my dealings with him and others.

Six months ago, I learned how awful a person can get when they have no understanding of God. i truly believe God released me from my marriage based on his knowledge of my heart. He knew that who I am could never continue to tolerate someone violating basic human principles. My husband crossed the line and I chose me. It's the principle of the thing.

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