Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Matter of Maturity

I feel so victorious. I have successfully reined in my emotions enough not to let my husband bait me into arguments. It felt so good yesterday when my husband was being antagonistic and I was able to ignore and deflect his mean spirited comments.

What was even more amazing is that each time I rebuffed him, he actually got quiet and moved on to the next thing. Before? We would still be mad at each other.

I have made up my mind I will not argue with him. I refuse to allow anyone to dictate my responses. He really was the last person I needed to deal with and I feel I have done this successfully. I just refused to take his actions personally, even when it was obvious he was directing his jacked up attitude towards me.

What really felt good is I was able to say exactly what was on my mind without disrespect or reservation and he listened because he knew I was right. It won't be long before he stops trying to ignite a fire under me. I love the fact we allow each other the room to be who we are.

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