Monday, August 30, 2010

Raising A Compassionate Child

My 14 year old was accosted on her birthday by a young boy who thought she would not fight back. He hit her in the mouth and busted her lip. She choked him until someone saved him.

I was ready to press charges against the boy, but my daughter did not want that. She wanted to try to talk to him to resolve the issue because she wanted to have no animosity against the boy. "It shouldn't have happened. I don't want to be walking around mad at people."

I was so proud of her. She confronted him and initiated making peace with him. I would much have rather pressed charges. He needs to learn he is not to hit girls. Especially, if she didn't hit you first.

I feel proud to have raised a compassionate child. She will be the better for her actions. I am sure she taught him a thing or two, in more ways than one.

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