Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Out to Lunch

I had to go to the doctor on Monday. I got a call from my husband stating he was in the lobby of the building. He called again and said he was coming up. I had to give blood, then we left. As we walked out of the door, he asked me what I wanted for lunch. We caught the bus to 4th Street and went to a Mexican restaurant.

As we dined, we laughed and made jokes, and bothered the waiters. We spent a very nice afternoon together. It amazes me how much we still enjoy each other. How we laugh and touch and look into each others eyes without reservation. We have paid our dues to get to this point and it feels great.

Even though he looked awful. He had been up all night throwing up and unable to sleep, yet he wanted to surprise me and he did. I enjoyed going out to lunch with my husband.

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