Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Devotion-Part One

I have figured it out. I finally understand what bothers so many people when they see people trying to stay together when others think they should split. Many people have a problem with devotion.

To some, devotion looks like you are being a fool, because you can overlook, deal with, ignore, accept, or simply not care about things that would destroy most relationships. Devoted people have a sense of awareness that tells them to continue to do and be all they can in their relations. The devoted ones will try something new, if something they tried previously didn't do. Devoted people do not need reasons to remain devoted to what they have committed themselves to.

When you are married, you have a marvelous opportunity to rise to your best self. Marriage, if properly performed gives us the opportunity to rid ourselves of self-seeking, selfishness, and petty ways. Marriage can help you get over yourself. The whole idea of marriage is for two people to come into agreement over the most important aspects of their lives. Marriage gives us the opportunity to mature and love unconditionally.

I had every rightful reason to divorce my husband. He cheated, he abandoned, he lied, he stole, etc., etc. Yet, when I thought of divorce, it went against what I felt deep down inside. It never seemed to be the true answer to the problem. I learned it wasn't up to me to judge my husband or expect him to fit a certain mold or criteria. I learned I was mandated to love him and to be his wife, only. When I let go of all my preconceived notions, I was able to have compassion for him and to open myself up to reconciliation. I stayed, he stayed, we grew.

Our relationship has evolved more in the last two years than I could have ever imagined. My desire to be and stay devoted has allowed me to experience a side of my husband I would not have, had I not got out of the way and claimed God's will for my marriage.

All marriages are not covenants. People marry for different reasons. I married for love and I had to remind myself of that to be able to stay devoted.

Don't let others dictate how your perform in your marriage.

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