Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Don't Get It

I began the series Get Out of the Way!Claim God's Will for Your Marriage because I recognized people really don't get what marriage is all about. The get what the wedding is about. All the showers and parties, but when it comes down to dealing with the nuts and bolts of marriage, folk draw a blank.

It seems as though folk just want the good times. They can't seem to understand that marriage is truly about day-to-day, everyday. It is about sticking and staying, dealing and hanging. I encourage people to remember the vows they took and pay attention to how they feel when they are obligated to stand up to the commitment they have made.

So many are ready to run when things don't go their way. What marriage does for us is gives us the opportunity to evolve into our highest selves. The constant compromising and thinking of others is not meant to demean or keep you from living your life. Instead, it is designed to give you the opportunity to know the richness that comes with true commitment.

Marriage gives us the opportunity to find a real sense of peace and to share our lives with someone who says they have our best interest at heart. Unfortunately, many just don't get it.

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