Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Is My Destiny?

I read somewhere that is was my destiny is to bring others closer to the truth. It says, "Their destiny is to make an impact on others and the world they live in with their spirited determination and no-fuss approach to problem solving."

I agree 100%. When I engage people, I desire to leave something of value with them. People seek me out on a daily basis asking me what I think about this, that and the other. I used to be afraid of the gift of knowledge and discernment God has bestowed upon me, but as I have gotten older, I see why it is as it is. I can handle it. I can detach myself from other people problems, while helping them find solutions at the same time.

I have grown in many ways and one of the most powerful and beneficial is that I no longer take anything personally, unless I get a sense that is really is. I don't allow myself personalize comments, inquiries, etc. that people make. When I was younger, I took everything personally barely able to make it through the day. Always thinking folk were out to hurt me because that is what I experienced at home and at school.

As I became more self-aware and self-assured, I left all that behind. Now, my life is filled with happy times, moments and instances and I can partake in them because I know who I am and am no longer defining myself by the standards others have lain before me.

It is my destiny to be open and honest and to assist others, if I may to better the quality of their lives.

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