Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What is My Greatest Challenge?

A while back I found it impossible to really share how I felt because I thought I would be ridiculed by others as I was in my home growing up with a mother who did not respect emotions and feelings. The exposure of ones feelings was laughed at, ridiculed, and completely unaccepted. I was made to feel foolish for feeling.

I had to learn that being vulnerable was not the same as being weak. Now that I am a grown ass woman, I know that my vulnerability is an assest, especially in intimate relationships. During my marriage I laid it all out, I gave my all. I didn't hide anything and did my best not to lie about anything. I wanted to experience intimacy on any level possible.

Throughout my 26 year relationship with my husband I was given many opportunties to be vulnerable. In the beginning, I refused because I was still so sick from being reared in a dysfunctional household. As I matured, and sought realness in my marriage, I saw clearly I had to give what I wanted to have a chance of receiving what I desired.

I can honestly say I have met the challenge of being vulnerable. I am wide open with those close to me. I want to feel life and love. I want to express myself freely and allow others to do the same. Challenge yourself to be open to another today.

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