Friday, March 4, 2011

Know You

To stay in a marriage and feel you are not personally getting your needs met by your spouse can only be done effectively if you know you. I truly believe we could deal with things better if we truly have a handle on who we are and what we need, want and desire.

Unfortunately, so many of us are lost we have no idea as to what we want or how to get. We think we know what we want, but usually those thoughts are based on what someone else told us we should expect, or reject. Folk very seldom go into marriage really knowing what they want out of it for real.

Know you and you can do you, no matter what the situation. If you believe, nothing can break you. Honor your commitments.


  1. So, Im assuming that you are unmarried. Are you? If you are, I would like to take this conversation further.

  2. Yes, I am married and have been for 21 years. We can continue the conversation. What's up?