Monday, March 28, 2011

Laughing More

My husband and I are laughing more and more everyday. I am so glad I am not bitter and resentful at this stage in our marriage. The divorce rate is highest amongst our age group. I know it is because when really know who they are by this age and many catch up with what they shoulda, coulda, woulda did if they only knew what they thought they knew in the first place. They usually divorce to try to regain what they should have never given up in the first place. Marriage does not require you to lose yourself. Marriage requires that you share yourself. So many of us lose ourselves because we didn't know who we were in the first place. Getting married before you know you, will most likely lead to disaster. I am so glad I knew who I was when I married. Yeah, I gave a lot of myself in the beginning, but I have since come to believe a certain amount of "giving to much" is inevitable until you learn what "too much" is. When I recognized what too much was, I pulled back. No one even noticed, not really, they just began to do whatever it was I had taken charge of and given back to them. We are laughing more because I resent less. We are laughing more because I learned to love more and so has he.

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