Friday, March 11, 2011

Chronic Illness-2

He has been taking his medication because he is sleeping better. I cannot imagine what it most feel like to be in his body. His blood pressure had been high for so long until he didn't feel normal when it was normal. He can barely function when his numbers are where they should be. He conditioned his body to deal with the high pressure and blood sugar levels.

Now, the diseases these elevated numbers cause have got a hold on him. Even though it is sad, one of the effects of his illness has been reflectiveness. He has become more aware and available. His attitude about life is still way off, but at least he is paying more attention.

The approach I have taken is very hard for me. I am a producer. But in this situation there is nothing I can do. I have truly learned to let go and let God. Because of this, I am happy. With all the chaos going on around me, the haters, the liars, the wanna be's, etc., I am untouched, because I have learned I am not in control of anything, or anyone outside of my body.

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