Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Keep Holding On

Yes, the thrill is gone, but I keep holding on. I hold on mainly because that is what I do, but also because if I am not going to get a divorce, I do need to be open to the possibility things could one day be different. Even though I doubt it, I still have hope, because all else has failed.

Right now my husband is in the dog house and probably will be for a while. I cannot imagine him doing anything to make things better. That is not his style. He would much rather blame me for his shortcomings than to deal with the fact he has not put forth the effort to make this marriage better.

I keep holding on for the sake of my daughter who does benefit from having her dad in her life and it will pay off later more than now and I know this. It is only four more years. I've done 25, four more won't kill me.

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