Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ode To Elizabeth Edwards: Part Two

John Edwards is paying publically for his sins. What is happening to him and my husband is a great example of you betta watch who you mistreat. What comes around have come back around for them in a big way.

No one could have ever told me my husband would end up in the state he is currently in, yet it is God's will. He lived a reckless life and know he couldn't tie his shoes, or shall I say, shoe, if he wanted to. The same body he used to misuse and mistreat others is almost completely no good time him now. He is living a lonely life, left on his own to deal with what he has created.

Look at John. He is front page news because of his blatant misuse of power trying to conceal his adulterous activities that led to the birth of a child. He is pleading innocent when the proof is overwhelming. How could he? The same way he did what he wasn't supposed to do, blatantly and without any thought of what would follow should he be caught.

I am glad Elizabeth didn't have to live to face the further humiliation brought on by her husband's lack of indiscretion. I on the other, have disconnected myself from my husband. Even when we were together, I didn't let his choices affect my life as much as possible. I would have never wished the life be literally zapped from him, I love his free spirit and independent ways, but as I mentioned earlier God's will is in progress. Maybe both John Edwards and my husband will see the light. Maybe the won't, but they sure will pay for living in darkness.

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