Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Silly Rabbit

Unfortunately, my estranged husband can only function under great distress. He makes choices that never benefit him in the long-run, but cannot seem to figure out to do something different. I was doing all I could to make his life less complicated since he is unable to utilize both his hands effectively. He had problem with a statement a made and became combative. Of course I pulled out of our arrangement immediately, as I was simply trying to "do the right thing," by him, since I am still "legally married" to him.

He called yesterday and left a message that he needed to go to the hospital. I silly can a person be? He called me to tel me to tell his son he MAY need him to take him to the hospital. Anyway!

He thought I was going to come running. Those days are over for good. He needs to find another flunky because I've done my time. It is more than obvious he wants to misuse me in anyway and for as long as possible.

I keep trying to tell him "Silly rabbit," tricks are for kids. Grow up and be the man you claim you are. Stop leaning and begin learning. When will you accept, you get what you put out in life. In his case, nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

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