Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Life is Hard

Rapidly approaching the age of 50, I have spent time looking back over my life. I have recognized that during the times I felt most hopeless, it was because I didn't believe in myself. I believed someone else had control over my life and that I was victim, not only of circumstance, but in reality. I felt life was hard and I was defeated.

I have been blessed to be a seeker of knowledge and truth and because of that I do not stay locked in ignorance long. I believe I am capable, so I am. Life has gotten easier. Life will always be hard if you don't love yourself, recognize you are primarily responsible for the creation of your life and that God loves you no matter where you are.

I am so grateful I know God loves me. This fact alone makes life a lot easier to bear. So many of us are downtrodden and unhappy. We know how much we've let ourselves down. This is why we are so upset all the time. We know we're living mediocre lives. We know we are cheating ourselves, thus only faking when we say we give our all to others. Because it is so true that nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

Life is hard because we are not truly giving. Yeah, there are a lot of folk out there helping others, but what are their motives? Time and time again you hear about folk leading double lives. Seeming to be one thing and they are really another. It's amazing.

Life will always be hard until we learn to truly give from the heart. We must strive to more greatly express the Christian values many of us proclaim to uphold. Does your life truly reflect these values, in any way? Ask yourself these questions, be honest with the answers and maybe you'll find out why life is hard.

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