Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Some Black Men Are So Arrogant

Even the brothers who know that ain't worth a dime, have the never to be arrogant when it comes to dealing with women. They can do this because so many women are desperate for a black man until they will just about put up with anything.

It is sad, but so true. Women have continuously allowed themselved to be dominated by men who are not worthy of them, only to wise up too late and live the rest of their lives bitter and angry.

I truly married my husband based on the belief that he had great potential. 26 years later, I have learned he had just as much potential not to become the man he could and he chose not to. Now, he is left with a bunch of broken promises and no one wants to hear why the promises were never kept. It is too late.

Even my husband, who is clearly not worthy of the family he has, has the nerve to try to bait me into apologizing for something I clearly tried to avoid. He thinks my love for him overrides my sense but it doesn't. Because I love him, I know I have to remain firm in my convictions and move past what "I" think I want and deal with what is.

Until women value themselves whether they have a man or not, they are always going to be push and pulled around. Men will continue to treat women any kind of way until they stand up and say, "I'm good, with or without you," and mean it.

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