Monday, October 10, 2011

Why You Can Love; When You Can't Trust

The great thing about love is it does not need any other emotion to survive. Nothing makes love better or worse because love surpasses better or worse. Trust has nothing to do with love either. Trust is about you, not the other person. It is inevitable someone we trust will disappoint us. The more they stay within the parameters of what we expect, we develop what we feel is the ability to trust them. It may be, but we must no lean on the belief it will always be that way.

Each of us have a mission, a person in this life. It is solely our responsibility to recognize, accept, or reject what we have chosen. Whether you know it our not, it is your choices that make up what will become your life, after you are on your own, of course. Most of us are slaves to what others want from us when we are young, but once we become "grown" it is our choices that make or brake us.

I chose the wrong man to marry plain and simple. There is nothing remarkable about that, or surprising. What is remarkable and surprising is I chose to stick with the mistake and let it play itself out because I sincerely felt that was part of my purpose in life. I was so into what was unfolding that when the end came, I was in shock. I was ready and poised to ride it to death did us part.

Even though as I was going through the valley, I would sometimes question whether what I was experiencing was really meant to be forever, I did it anyway. I stayed the coarse, even though I knew I could not trust him.

I could not trust my husband from the day I met him, but I rarely acted like it. I always chose to let it go, to forgive. In the beginning, it would take me months to get to forgiveness. As the years went by, I got to forgiveness much faster, until my forgiveness muscle was rock strong and fully firing. I can forgive immediately now. Without hesitation, you are forgiven, unless I chose not to, of course.

Once I understood, that for me, trust became an issue of how I handled disappointment. That my faith required me to lean on God, not man. What I believe calls for me to do the right thing for the right things sake, not because of what I may/ or may not gain from doing so. You have to love to be able to trust. Trust cannot come before love and when it does the relationship will most definitely not last.

For many, a break in trust is all about them. They rarely take the time to really try to understand why they person is not able to be trustworthy. Most people are not because self-preservation is so strong. People will put you down in a minute, if it means they will gain. We see this time and time again, but do not recognize it for what it truly is. Spiritual warfare! No one really wants to be though of as untrustworthy, but when their soul ain't right, they are libel to do anything. I learned this lesson well with my husband.

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