Friday, October 7, 2011

It Hurts No Matter How Strong You Are

I couldn't begin to tell you how hard I have worked on my marriage. For it to end the way it has is not only a tragedy, but it is most unfortunate. I was so ready to go the distance and now I find myself having to consider spending time with another man.

I am proud of myself for they way I have handled the situation. I knew when I took the steps I took, there would be no going back. Whether we divorce or not, my husband and I will never be together again. It hurts too much to be around him and see all the ugliness and sin the bliss of love had blinded me from. I don't like looking at in with real eyes. I was happy to be under the delusion that someday he would live up to his potential. Now that it is obvious I am 100% wrong, I cannot handle being in his presence.

He will never be the type of man I need in my life. Looking back over the 26 years hindsight has revealed the truth. He is not a man and does not want the responsibility of being one. He is a leaner, a con artist, character flawed and extremely needy. I could not consider reconciliation without him receiving professional help. Even then, it would be hard to go back.

Yes, i am a strong woman. I have a lot going for me. I am very smart and intelligent and I am proof that it is so true, you can't help who you love.

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