Monday, October 24, 2011

Chronically Ill-16

My husband is now in ICU in Evanston, IL. His 93 old aunt on his father's side died last week and the funeral was this past Saturday. On Sunday, my daughter told me he called to say he was in the hospital.

Later that day, his sister called to tell me he was being moved to ICU, he was bleeding from his rectum, they were planning to removed from his stomach with a tube, his toe may be removed, and his blood pressure is extremely high.

I listened as she talked about how "defiant" he was being and was so glad I am no longer dealing with his shitty attitude. As much as I love and care for him, I refuse to allow him to abuse me in any form or shape, for as long as I live. I have dealt with all I'm dealing with at this point in my life. I am looking for relief, support, and respect. I am not interested in anything else. It is my time and I am taking full advantage of it. He wants to be upset and bitter. I worked all that out. I just done, plain and simple.

Now, his family will get a chance to see how nasty he really is. I will not call, or get involved in any way. I am done with him and his evil ways. Somebody else can take his abuse. I am free. I sincerely hope all goes well for him, but I will not allow myself to be drawn back into his madness. I am so happy being free.

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