Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Breaking the Cycle

My oldest daughter is getting a rare opportunity to be around three generations of females in our family. Once totally against taking care of me when I get old, my daughter called me after spending one week with my mother and said, "Mom, I am going to take care of you when you get older. You deserve it. After spending time with your mother I see what you survived. I am proud of you.

I felt so good to hear her say that because I knew she knew I had to work hard not to be like my mother and grandmother. My daughter is getting first hand knowledge of the neurosis I lived with until I left home at 18.

I am proud of the fact I was able to break the cycle of ignorance and abuse that is so prevalent in my family. She says she and her grandmother have been getting into mini-arguments everyday. My mother loves that. She loves to argue, but she has found she is no match for my daughter. My daughter said she has had my mom laughing until she cried. She's making a difference, because she is different.

I raised her right and she is a glowing example of how a kid can turn out when the generation cycle is broken within a family. She'll be a better mother for it and so will her children be better parents. Breaking the cycle is necessary for a good life.

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