Monday, November 14, 2011

My Girls

My girls have been the most difficult to raise. I can clearly say that since my son, now 20, is out of the raising queue.

My youngest is morbidly obese and finding high school a challenge. The walking is wearing her out and she is consistently trying to find reasons not to go to school. I know it is hard for her, but there is no other option. Should she not go to school, she wouldn't be going anywhere.

I stay on top of her and now that it is basically just me and her in the house, things have to get done and she is going to have to do them. Not going to school is not an option. She will be 16 years old next year and can drop out if she wants. God's knows that would kill me, but it is a real possibility.

I am afraid for her because she is completely addicted to food and is not as concerned about her weight as she should be.

My oldest dropped out at 16. She never like to go to school and as soon as she could stopped going. My youngest likes school, she just doesn't like moving. God help me!

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