Monday, November 14, 2011

Can You Love Anyone?

I do believe you can love anyone if you are willing. Yes, there are people who are more suited for you than others, but that does not mean you cannot love someone because the stars are not aligned.

Love is open to interpretation. We all perceive love differently for different reasons. I have never truly been loved. My husband had all kinds of conditions when it came to loving me. I had to be in a certain mood. He had to feel a certain way. He really believed he could love me one day and hate me the next. He had no idea about what love really is.

He and I were not compatible in many ways, but we bonded deeply on many levels. We learned to allow each other to be themselves. I was able to do this more than he becausehe had not forgiven me for the wrong I did to him. He is still carrying it to this day and it is sad. His holding on to the past is what allows him to keep himself from accepting that others have changed.

I do believe you can love anyone. You have to really want to and to be ready to receive when the love comes back.

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