Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life Long Learner

I have been doing a lot of studying regarding nutrition. Seeing how my husbands body is shutting down based on the food his has eaten and the lack of physical activity he has gotten has really woke me up.

I am ready to go to the next step and that is to almost cut out chicken and turkey intake. I have found a supplement for protein called spirulina. It has 18 out of the 22 amino acids our bodies needs to be at optimum health. I have a severe protein deficiency and take 1000mg of B12 injected monthly. I know for a fact that vitamins play a crucial role in saving your life. Without these monthly injections I could not function and would endanger my health seriously.

I know I am healthier and in a better position to accept that health is more important than anything I could have ever imagined I wanted or needed. Being a life long learner has truly benefited me. In six months, I plan to be a different person, inside and out.

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