Thursday, June 2, 2011

Children, Listen to Your Parents

My daughter had an embarrassing experience that will be recorded in her journal as the worst. Because she did not wear the dress I bought her, the dress she wore failed her in the worse way. The audience was gracious. No one laughed out loud; that I could hear.

The wind went out of me. I immediately fell over; in laughter. I didn't laugh out loud. I did a deep chuckle. It was funny; for more than one reason. I warned her of the possibility that what happened would happen. She also had me buy a $90 dress she just "had to have" that would have been perfect and would not have responded to her girth, as the one she chose.

She looked great though. I really liked the outfit. We added some silver butterflies to her boots and they swung back and forth when she walked. I could tell she thought she looked good.

By the end of the day, the regret was obvious. Her dad was loving and kind to her. He had gone and got her from the audience. When she came out of the bathroom, she was in tears. He talked to her sweetly and told her he was sorry that happened to her. In his way, he kept encouraging her to forget about it. Telling her it's over and that she'll never have to see those people again. We all know that was caught on tape. Somebody got of picture of that image.

I have had several of those very embarrassing moments with clothing that didn't fit right for whatever reason. The attention you have to pay to clothing that does not fit well is not worth the time or effort. Just because you can get in something doesn't mean you can wear it. Everything does not look good on everybody. These are simple fashion truths. I know my daughter wishes she had listened to me.

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