Monday, June 20, 2011

Never Give Your All

Even though I say I give my all, I never do. I never give everything I have to anyone any other human being. There is absolutely no one on this earth that means more to me than I do to myself. I can the share the love I have with others, but no one gets all of me.

My husband and I were watching a program and the woman talked about "Losing her mind," when she lost the love of her life. She was unable to function in her day-to-day life because she could not get over this man. This man who while alive, dogged her to no end was still controlling her after his death. Death should be relief, especially from pain.

Yet, day after day women everywhere are so caught up in their man, their kids, their jobs, that when it comes to time to deal with the realities of life, death, separation, etc., they lose their minds. Not me, I don't have to go anywhere, or be in a certain situation to take hold of myself, my mind is my primary weapon against any attack.

I use my mind to help me through. Sure I get down and have issue, but for the most part I don't let myself feel bad for more than three days. The fact I have great coping skills also makes the blows of life's easier to deal with. I just don't let stuff pile up. I deal with things as they come. This is how you stay sane. Most people let stuff build up and become a problem. I keep it moving.

Never give your all, you may need something for yourself one day. Peace

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