Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Book

I am currently writing book five in the series Get Out of the Way! Claim God's Will for Your Marriage. The subtitle is The Cost of Forgiveness.

The other two books I wrote in the series deal with why and how I decided to reconcile with my husband instead of getting a divorce. This book will deal with the price I have had to pay for forgiving him.

Yes, the forgiveness brought relief, but it also meant that since I had chosen to forgive him, I still had to contend with the aftermath of the forgiveness. Just because you forgive someone doesn't mean they change, or even that they are different. What it does mean, if it is true forgiveness, is that you do not bring up the matter anymore. You don't hold the past over their heads, and you treat them like you want to be treated.

What you soon find is people will always disappoint you on some level. You must learn to lean not on your understanding, but to use God during these times to find strength to endure.

The book will be published in the spring of 2012.

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