Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting the Message Across

Sometimes it is hard to know if what you are doing is making its way to those who need it most. Just the other day I received a call from a woman I know in passing. We have never really had a conversation, or spent any time together. What she has done is read my post regarding my beliefs about marriage and has been inclined to believe I am honest and sincerely want others who are married to remain that way and to find happiness while doing so.

She had a problem that I actually have experienced. I think she was probably shocked that my suggestion to her was to apologize to her husband and to find a way to express her needs in a way that does not lead to an argument.

The problem she is having is typical for married women in this city. The women who don't have a man are bold enough to try to take yours off your arm. I told her to focus on this on particular person is a waste of time. I explained that it is a spirit of demonic proportions that is using this woman to do the things she is doing. Focusing on her will only set you up to miss the next one who is surely on her way.

Marriage has become something that is coveted, but mistreated once it is obtained. Many women will go to no ends to break up a marriage, only to find they should have left that man with his wife. They are so desperate until to do whatever the man says in hopes that he really loves her. She finds out differently when he leaves her either for his wife or someone else.

Too many of us waste too much time focusing on the ones who are trying to come between us and our mates. Instead, we need to mortar up the cracks in our relationship. Pray for God's will and do all we can to maintain a positive attitude towards our marriage. Someone is always willing to find the weakest link in the marriage. The message? Get out of the way and claim God's will for your marriage.

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