Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Know You

One of my spiritual gifts is the gift of knowledge. When people hear this they think I mean I can read your mind, but that is not the case. The gift of knowledge bestows me with the ability to understand your humanity on a very deep level. I am empathetic and compassion, forgiving and understanding.

I know the you that needs love, affection, appreciation and understanding. Being in tune with these things gives me an edge with most people. They immediately sense I am listening and I care. I don't need to know more than that to be able to say I know you. All the other stuff really doesn't matter in the end.

When it is all over, we'll measure how much we felt we were loved or some of us will think about who and how much we loved. Some of us will think about how much we gave to others, then there will be those who will think they should have allowed others to give them more.

The gift of knowledge allows me to allow you to be you and to give you the basics of human needs. I know you, because I know me.

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