Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teaching Hate

My oldest daughter has never liked her step dad and she has poisoned my sons mind with her hate. A few months ago she came to me saying that she realized she was wrong. She said, "I hate I've done this. No one talked bad about my father to me."

And this is true. I never talked bad to/or around her about her father. I allowed her to find out on her own. Her hate for my husband fueled her desire to egg my sons confused anger.

What has happened is he has decided that I am stupid for staying married and that I have chosen my husband over my children. People ask me what did I say when he confronted me with this. I said nothing. There is nothing for me to say. It is all the same to me. My family is a unit. I do not choose one over the other. I choose to have them all. This is what I work for each and everyday.

I don't have to answer to anyone for my actions. I know I am right and that is all that matters. I know God is pleased and ultimately I will be blessed for being obedient and wise enough not to fall into the trap of caring about what others think, especially when they really don't know.

I am a peacemaker. Those who teach hate will never really live. Hate kills. Love heals.

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