Sunday, February 20, 2011

On Top Of It

I am on top of the school thing. I've found a few places I can go one day a week. One place is really reasonable, but their hours of operation are in conflict with my sleep time. I have worked almost two years on this schedule which I am sure contributes to the balance I have achieved thus far.

Going to this school would completely shake up my routine which is not necessary if I chose another school that cost more, is closer to home, and has classes on the days I am off work.

Then there is always to desire to return to Spalding University, especially since my daughter has been accepted. I really think it would be cool to be there when she is for some reason. I know she wouldn't like it.

I most definitely won't go to U of L. I don't like the campus atmosphere,nor its layout.

I am unwilling to drive a certain distance, so the other state schools are out of the question.

Figuring it out.

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