Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He Fully Understands

My husband was having a heart attack and he did. He is still in intensive care and is very weak. I had to go and take care of him right after work. I have grown into a deep detachment from the whole thing. I fully understand that he fully understands he is going through this pain because he is not taking care of himself.

He fully understands his kidneys are only working at 24%. He has been lucky, they have not gotten any worse since last May. He is more than lucky to have me. I truly am his soul mate, otherwise, I do not think I could do it.

I can't believe this is where we are at this time in our lives. I just don't know, so I continue to be strong and carry on. That's what I do best.


  1. I trust that you are calling on the Lord. He fully understands all things. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is the Great Physician who never sleeps.

    I fully understand your pain. My husband suffered a stroke in 2008 and I saw it coming. There was nothing I could do but let it run it's course. My husband was not eating properly. His priorities were out of line with Scripture. No one could talk sense into him, but God.

    Today, my husband is a different person! He is not where he needs to be, but thank God he is not where he use to be. Trust in God and never doubt. He is able to heal your husband and bring you through.

  2. I do believe. Just found out he will have to go on dialysis for sure.