Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One of the great things about owning my publishing company is every once in a while I actually read a good book. Disciplined Motivation is one of them. Written by Davis Robinson, PHD, Disciplined Motivation is a book that begs you to not only rely on motivation to start projects, but to strenghthen your discipline to complete them.

We all know people who start projects, but cannot seem to finish them. This book addresses the issue in an insightful, easy to read manner. It makes suggestions as to how one can become more disciplined, but does not preach.

Even though I made the announcement last month that I planned to go back to school, this book has solidified my desire and need to do so. I am not completely working within my abilities and only going back and getting my masters in psychology will allow me to do that.

Disciplined Motivation will hit the shelves soon. I will keep you posted.

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