Thursday, April 28, 2011

What the Hell?

Donald Trump has successfully removed any doubt that racism still exist in America. All he has going for him is that he is white, 21, and rich and this is enough in this country to dehumanize the President of the United States. He has never written a book without the help of someone else, yet he has the nerve to question the academic prowess of this very brilliant Harvard Law School graduate.
I am really scared for the first time in my life because I can no longer lie to myself that all I have to do is keep doing the right thing, work hard, be honest and I’ll get my just rewards as an American citizen. I have accomplished every goal I have set for myself. I own my own company, I have written and published eight books, I have been married 21 years and reared three productive citizens, but if I were to believe Trump, I have to be a fluke, just because I’m black.
This man has made it crystal that he and those who support him believe black people are inferior and they cannot make it without their help. Wow! Really! Still? Yes, it is true. We need to wake up and get real with ourselves and stop looking for the white man to set us free. It will never happen. I don’t care how much you accomplish, if you ain’t white, something ain’t right if you have a degree, or a new car, or good, decent children.
What’s even worse is the mainstream media, and NBC is prompting and supporting his efforts to spread this very hurtful and hate-filled message. Black folks, what is happening to Obama, is the equivalent to back in the day when our once enslaved brothers and sisters had to show their papers to prove they were free.
I am American! I was born in the “Show Me,” state and reared in one of the toughest cities in America, East St. Louis, IL. I never experienced overt racism until I moved to Louisville. I’ve fought every instance of racism even if I had to take someone to court, but this, this has taken the wind out of my sails. I just can’t believe that 40 years after Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his life that this country is still dealing with racism on the very same level. We have not evolved. Many thought by electing a black president that American was moving in the right direction. All it has served to do is to bring the dandruff of racism to the surface. Open your eyes America.

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