Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Good Time

My husband has been taking his medication consistently for over a month now. I am very happy for him from the standpoint of his blood pressure being regulated, but what it does to him is awful. We went out yesterday to do some routine shopping. He got dizzy riding around in the cart. He literally couldn't keep his balance sitting up. I am sure anyone who witnessed us thought he was drunk. I stopped briefly to go into a store that does not have the riding carts. He refused to stay in the car. He couldn't leave the counter the entire time. He can't give up living his life, but he is having a hard time living his. On the way, we talked about why were with each other. He tried to make a joke out of it stating that I was with him because no one else was going to love me like he does or put up with me. I challenged his statements and let him know I know there are women out there that would take him as broke down as he is. They might not keep him, but they would still take him and find out later he ain't worth keeping. He then said to me, "I don't wish me on you." I said, "Really! Does that mean I can leave? I don't have to have the experience." He got silent. "Well, can I leave?" He gave me the "over my dead body look." We laughed. I am so interested to see how this thing is going to unfold. I want to know. I am involved in my life.

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