Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seeing Yourself

I know this all too well. It is hard to see yourself. It is hard to recognize your flaws and deal with them appropriately, but it is oh so necessary.

I work with a woman who is discriminatory, prejudiced, and completely unaware of how rude and dismissive she is to others. She's leaving the job and I cannot be happier. She liked me the least and made sure I knew it at every turn.

I am glad I chose to rise above her pettiness and be the woman I am, but it is still difficult to tolerate a person so unwilling to take a step and look at themselves. I wish her well and I just pray and hope she is a better wife and mother than she was a supervisor. I know her newlywed husband well, and personally I feel he deserves better. No one knows better than me that you can't always help who you love.

I wish them well.

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