Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Son

My only son turned 20 years old yesterday. I must say I am truly proud of him. He has never been in any serious trouble. He has no children. No girlfriend drama. He doesn't run the streets and he is pretty content to be at home.

"Mom, I look just like you," he said yesterday, with a big smile on his face. He is always trying to find ways that he is like me. Even though he says he doesn't like me, he considers me a great role model, because I am. He is aware of my value as a person.

He has a reputation in the house for being selfish and self-centered. His sister and I are often trying to help him understand how uncool that really is. He knows it, but he still does it. He'll have to have real life experiences before he truly understands he can't make it realistically just thinking about himself all the time.

I am proud of my boy. I wish him well and I know he will continue to be the thinking man he is today. Happy birthday Sonny Son.

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