Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just Not Right

So many of us feel we have the right to tell others how they should live their lives. This happens for various reasons, but none of them are valid. Each of us are born to live our own lives. It is so easy to say, or feel it is selfish, but quite the contrary. It's just not right to have a child, give it the world, with little else, then expect them to know how to love. It's just night to have a child, feed them, clothe them, yet abuse them abuse them all the while. Leaving the child to forever feel this pull back and forth between love and hate. They say things like, "She let him have sex with me, but then she'd take me out for ice cream." It's just right, to use a man for the sake of pregnancy, then throw him away because you just wanted a baby. It is a sin. A horrible sin against yourself. It's just not right. It's not right to treat your child as a slave, or manager, or sister, or brother. You are their father, or mother. Act like it. It is such a fine line. I was really good to my kids. I allowed them to be who they are. I looked for, and nurtured the abilities they revealed to me and I questioned what their desires might be. Still I pay. There are two reasons why it doesn't bother me when they blame me for their shortcomings, 1) I've always known my place in their lives as far as God's will, 2) I have always been a loyal parent to them. I have given my children each a gift of self. They each will have the experience of just having me. They know nothing of having to vie for my time and affection, at least not the first two. My youngest has had to struggle with that more since I have been doing more of the things I want to do. We get by. Our time is more scheduled. With the others, it is was constant. It's just not right to divorce and use your children as pawns. I became a martyr for marriage because I want to be an example of true adulthood. I want my children to examine my life and recognize I did what I did so that they will have a great since of loyalty and respect for the journey that brought them to adulthood. I want my kids to know their parents could have and maybe should have divorced, but they decided to fight the good fight. And that's just right.

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