Sunday, April 3, 2011

People Know Better

People know better to do some of the things they do, yet they do them still. So many folk want to be play the victim role nowadays, making it hard to believe anyone. Folk telling hard luck stories who haven't spent a day in discomfort. Folk looking for someone else to carry the load. I have found the best solution to this problem is to let people know you are a straight shooter from the beginning. Still they may try you. People like taking chances and for some it is worth it to get what they think they want, which they usually don't after they get it. People know what they need to do to make things right, yet they continuously keep on the wrong path, expecting something different to happen along the way. People know better, but refuse to do better because usually doing better means you have to work harder, be more aware and willing. Everybody wants a job, a marriage, a family, but no one wants to do the work.

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