Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recognizing the Truth

I know I talk alot. I present very well and for the most part, I am what I present. But it only takes a real look at my family dynamic to show I am vulnerable to a great degree. More and more I am recognizing the truth that my family has my number. They know who I really am, and boy do they take advantage of it. I have always known that I would much rather show my vulnerability than to be the hard ass I have become in the outside world. In my household, it is quite a different story. No, my kids don't rule the roost. I am a very hands on parent and I take my parenting responsibilities seriously, so I have been firm when needed. But my kids know that I want to give them everything. They can tell that, whether I do or not. So, they strategically use me against me. Recognizing this truth has taken a while, accepting it is not so hard because in a perfect world, I would give them everything.

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