Monday, December 13, 2010

My Last Days

I have made the decision to quit my current position before the end of 2011. I am now ready to move into to latter stages of my professional career as a writer. It is my goal to write full-time. I have lost respect for the establishment I work for and I just don't see me working for anyone else. This job has been so fulfilling and powerful. I really feel as though I have done what I was supposed to do. I wasn't ready to go last year, but now, I have had it.

I think I may try my hand as a True Crime writer. I have always been interested in True Crime and I believe I would do well. It is most definitely a point of interest for the American people. I am also working on my book B. F. I.-Black Female Intellectual. It will be a series of volumes of my writings from as early as 1973. I have been amazed by how enlightened I was at such an early age. I was born to write.

My life experiences have been so rich and plentiful and I am truly blessed to have the mind and medium to express them. Even though I have had writer's block most of the year, I am glad to have had the urge to resurface at the right time. I am clear that the next step I should make should be writing full-time.

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