Friday, December 10, 2010

My Lifestyle and Food

I can say with utter confidence that I have conquered my desire to overeat and to eat things that are not good for my body. I have managed moderation and my waistline shows it. I have taken over six years to get here. I had to change my mind. Nothing else works for me. Once I changed the way I viewed food and its importance in my life, I have been able to consistently lose or maintain my weight for six years. I am in awe of me.

I decided I would no longer cook big holiday meals in my home. In 2009, I gained 10 pounds during between November and December eating stuffing. I ate it for days after Thanksgiving and Christmas with gravy and cranberry sauce. I could justify to gorging because I had so much food, of course I could not let it go to waste. This year I did not cook and I was all the better for it and so was my family. No one complained.

We had fish, shrimp and fries for dinner and no leftovers. The day after I felt victorious. I sincerely recognized how strength it took not to continue the tradition of gluttony during the last few months of the year.

I will be 49 in January. Now I can successfully step up my weight because I am secure in the fact I making the right food choices and eating them within moderation. I need to lose 70 pounds and I plan to lose at least 50 next year. I will take time and get rid of the last twenty, but I need to give myself a 50 pound weight loss for my 50th birthday in 2010. I will do it.

I have simply cut back on my food intake, I eat high fat foods in moderation, and I try to stay active.(see next blog)

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