Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shut Up

Wow! I really thought I had learned my lesson. I have, but I guess the shock of seeing my severely diabetic husband cutting his own toenails, just drove me back to my old ways. I couldn't help but mentioning the fact he should not be cutting his nails because that is what led to the removal of the other two toes. He became agitated and stated, "You are not going to do it."
I replied, "You're right. No I will not take the chance and cut the toenails of a diabetic as severe as you are. You should let the doctor do it." He questioned why I cared and I had to also.

When will I understand that other people may not have the same understanding I do? I know this to be true when it comes to him, but the fact that I really love him and care for him just won't let me shut up. I have to say something. I have to do whatever I feel necessary to try to help him stay in reality. He is fighting it hard. His desire to ignore the signs his body is showing is frightening. I cannot turn a blind eye, especially when I know how much his life represents a miracle.

He does not fully accept what God has done for him so he can easily dismiss the little good health he does has. He knows the life he has led should not warrant the blessings he has received, but who I am to tell God how to do his job? All I can do is be glad and let go and let God and shut up.

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