Friday, December 10, 2010

What is it?

What is it that has these women killing their babies? What is really going on? Is it truly the Meth epidemic that has plagued the nation? Or is it something so much more simpler? More and more women are taking the act of being selfish to its limits? I believe it is the latter.

Women have abused drugs forever, but what hasn't been so evasive is the blatant disregard for their offspring. Even in the wild mothers protect their kids lives with a tenacity that literally amazes me, yet we free thinking folk cannot seem to get it right. It seems as though every few months there is a story in the headlines about some woman allowing someone to abuse her children, or even kill them, or she has done it herself.

The black woman who killed her two boys just tore my heart out. You could see the sickness in the family when they appeared on Oprah. The woman's mother, father and sister, who she lived with was on the show. Oprah asked if they had talked to the mother of the dead boys and asked her why she did what she did. They told her they did not. They wanted her to tell them. The sister felt bad because she had failed relationships and was unable to provide a home for her children. Her sister admitted that she had belittled her sister child rearing, but stopped when it required her to take some responsibility for her sisters crack up. Families like these could not survive without their secrets, but it never fails that someone cracks and the whole flimsy foundation comes tumbling down.

Now, right now, there is a woman dead and her daughter had been kidnapped by the murderer who was also the live-in boyfriend. The mother probably was lonely and felt it okay to bring the man into the house because he seemed to be interested in her. Like so many, she was fooled, unlike others, she paid for being foolish with her life and now her 12 year-old is left behind to fight for her life. He has bought camping equipment so he most definitely has plans to bed her, if not kill her.

Also in the news right now, a young mother confesses to killing her eight month old son. She was supposed to give him to a family. We can only wonder what happened to change her mind. What snapped and caused her to take this poor child's life? What is it? What is taking our mothers away from their babies. I know this microwave world we are living in is causing some to seek immediate gratification in various ways, but it seems as though a higher level of selfishness is rearing its head. The women who are doing these awful things are becoming more and more mainstream. They can't have the man they want cause they have kids? They choose to get rid of the kids. Wow!

I am baffled beyond belief. Somebody please tell me what it is that is causing this new shift in consciousness.

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