Monday, December 13, 2010

These Last Four Years

The death of Elizabeth Edwards has hit me hard. Mainly because my husband is seriously ill and I don't think he'll make it the entire four years before my daughter goes to college. Everyday I can see him becoming more and more concerned and worried. We went out Friday night and before we could get home, he was calling. As we approached the house, we could see he had turned to porch light on. When we entered the house, he literally came running to each of us with outstretched arms stating how happy he was the two most important women in his life made it home.

The illness is humbling him. Just a few years ago his ego would not have allowed him to display his anxious feelings. He would make a joke, or totally ignore us before he'd let on he was worried. Now, he is showing his concern on so many levels that I'm amazed.

I pray he will be able to get a hold of his health enough to live to see his youngest daughter graduate from high school. I know not being alive to see her children turn teenagers weighed heavily on Elizabeth Edwards. She knew she wouldn't be here for them.

I've stepped up my involvement in my daughters education outside of school. I enrolled her in a workshop called Undoing Racism. It was a 20 hour training that took up her entire weekend. At first she was a little upset, and actually tried to be late. I looked out the door and she was slowly walking home. I put some fire under her and we went. I hadn't had any sleep and actually slept while she participated in the group. She came to me and thanked me for sending her. She had a great time.

I have always believed that parents are their children's greatest assets and I will forever do all I can to make sure my children are well-read and informed. I want them to receive the best education possible and I believe the way children achieve that is when they are encouraged to educate themselves. These last four years are going be fun. I hope and pray we all stay healthy enough to live and enjoy them.

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