Friday, December 10, 2010


When Oprah declared that Steadman was her lover, partner, etc., she could not and did not look Barbara Walters in the eye. I do not doubt that he is a constant companion, but I do not believe they are passionate about each other. I did not believe Oprah when she made her statement. I never have thought much of Steadman, for various reasons.

In the beginning, he was all Oprah talked about. Being in the Chicago area when she first started, there was a lot of talk about Steadman Graham. All the eligible women wanted him and he seemed to choose Oprah. I know what Steadman did was give Oprah the male influence she needed to be able to reach the heights she has. He came into her life and stopped her bed hopping and desire to chase men who did not want her. She had that bad and his coming into her life stopped all that immediately. His good looks wowed her as she did not have the self-esteem to believe a man like him would choose her.

He has publicly stated he would not be forced into marrying Oprah by the public. That was an easy stance to take considering he knew he wasn't going to marry her all the time. His presence in her life has been stabilizing and that is what she needed, but I do not believe they are "in love."

She is lying.

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