Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm Gettin' Old

I went out the other night and I must say, I now know for sure that I am gettin' old. Most of the songs the crowd requested all sounded the same to me. The kinds of music that move me does not exist anymore. I feel sorry for the young people of the day. No matter what the music we listened to was real music, not manufactured sounds from a computer. Not words that sound alike but make no sense.

There were a few times I was able to hit the dance floor, but for the most part I sat there is disbelief. The tunes all sounded the same. Then there is the line dancing. I have never been one for that, but everyone else sure is. The floor is packed when one of those thrown together beats come on. I left after the second round. It just ain't my thang.

I am glad I like to dance enough to dance at home where I can play what I like to dance to and don't have to worry about the DJ feeling like he has to please the crowd. Still, it ain't no fun feeling like an outsider when you're somewhere trying to have a good time. I guess my time has come and gone. I recognize and I will act accordingly. I will stay my ass at home, unless it is a theme party that will be playing what I can relate to.

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