Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waiting On David: Part Two

My husband spent several minutes telling me how much he loves me. How told me again, he would be dead if it weren't for me loving him. He even pinpointed how he knew he would be dead. He said he didn't take to episodes, which turned out to be strokes, seriously. He said it was because of me he went to the hospital.

He told me that many women are going through what I am, but either leave their mates, or are in denial about what is going on. He talked about how I arouse him, even though the disease he has doesn't allow an erection. I mean he was just laid it own me. I just sat and looked at him, standing there looking so sincere.

Then he said to me, "You really do make me want to be a better man. No matter how long it last. I want to be a better man for you."

I continued to listen. "Many women would have left me. You had a right to and didn't. The fact that you didn't makes me love you even more."

"I'm here for you baby." I said with a smile, and I am. I took my vows and I meant them then, and I mean them now. It is so important to both of us to keep our family together. We want to raise our kids and we will.

Somethings going on with him. I'm not questioning it. Not even a little. At the least, it is about time, at the most God willing, I could be getting my David.

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