Monday, January 10, 2011

49 and Just Fine

I am 49 today and I have come to understand what folk say when they think feel it. I really am one year from half of one hundred years old. When I think of it like that, I automatically feel I should have learned something worthwhile during my time here on earth. Being 49, I should have shared something of value and made somethine of use.

I have learned a lot and the most important is to have compassion for others. Sometimes when certains aspects, and concepts of life are easier for one to understand, they tend to believe it is the same for others. I had to learn to have compassion for those who just can't seem to get it. Some of us don't know who we are at 49. Some of still haven't learned the importance of sharing and patience. Many of us can't make our way, you know they can't contribute to society.

With knowing all of this, I could not let myself feel superior to another because I do. Instead, I have chosen to use what I have learned to help others. that really is the only way. I truly believe that learning to give and accept love is our only true mandate.

Thanks for all the well wishes and happy birthdays. I have never gotten so many. Peace, love, and soul to you all.

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